The Los Angeles Times’ Bad Boy of Blues Launches New Song

Zach Prather, probably the only musicians who Screamin’ Jay Hawkins has said good things about, launches his latest single on Aardvark Records, which is available for pre-order before it is released next week.

Penryn, Cornwall, United Kingdom., February 21, 2019 -  A bluesman born in Chicago in 1952, who has played with blues icons including Willy Dixon and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins as well as Mick Jagger and Etta James releases a new song called "We" available now for pre-order on digital music sites as well as a YouTube video. 

Zach Prather, based in Switzerland, currently producers his own music in a studio owned by his drummer Eric, who built it from scratch. 

Zach says his new single "We" is аbout: “a typical love gone bad scenario. How hard it is to say goodbye even when you know it won't work. How clear it seems at the time what was needed to make it right but somehow the last burst of strength is missing.” Like all Zach’s songs, "We" is about something he has gone through personally. 

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, famous for his 1956 hit "I Put A Spell On You" afterwards covered by all the greats, who has a reputation for never saying anything good about a fellow musician, says about Zach Prather: 

“I was shocked when I found out about his singing but even more so when I found out about His songwriting ability. In the old days, you had to have talent, and this is where Zach Prather will stand and be counted. The man has talent, He has talent in the vocal department, He has talent on the guitar, the drums, but even better still He has talent as a writer, a writer of lyrics and a writer of music.”

A huge Rolling Stones fan, Zach says rehearsing and playing on stage with Mick Jagger has been a career highlight, while also working in the state of the art studio in Luzern, Switzerland with his band. He started writing "We" in the summer of 2018 after a personal experience. 

Not a great lover of music critics, Zach gets on with what he loves doing without worrying about what people think about him, hence, the LA Times called him “The Bad Boy of the Blues” meanwhile the blues press think he is the full package. 

In a time of specific genres, Zach plays B Funk, and now based in Europe, Blues In Britain published a review by blues fan Mike Rainsford saying:

“Prather is obviously talented and this set gives a good indication of the stylistic breadth of those talents.”

Zach’s songs have been published for Motown, such as his work with big league Motown hit-makers Holland, Dozer, Holland plus Gwen Gordy and ATV Publishing. This has meant Zach has been signed to Areola America, Universal Music, producer Willy Dixon’s label Dixon Landing, French labels Melode/Encore and Taxi Records in Paris. 

"We" is released on 27th February on Aardvark Records and can be streamed or downloaded from digital music sites.

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