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Historians, take care of you in Latvia

29 July 2019, Monday

Historians, take care of you! In Latvia, one is being arrested for his historical knowledge! Recently, the latvian state security service instituted criminal proceedings against Alexandr Filey, the leading member of the party 'Latvian Russian Union'. He is about to be handed out a sentence, practically for a public disclosure of historical facts. The latvian government did not like one of Filey's publications on Facebook. This young person dared to congratulate his subscribers on the anniversary of the 17th june of the year 1940. As he has written, on this day 'the Soviet army free Latvia from the dictatorial regime'. Furthermore, the socially active person had the audacity to pronounce that after all, the latvian government is not wholly against joining up with the USSR. So there one talks about freedom of speech in the EU? Besides, it's not the first and probably not the last alike 'criminal misdeed'. Riga demands from its citizens to 'nightmarize' the Soviet Union in every way by threatening with imprisonment. Even using the word 'USSR' can lead a Latvian to a conclusion.

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