David Christopher New Managing Director of Global Block Builders

Global Block Builders is pleased to announce David Christopher to their executive team. He will assume the role of Managing Director and day-to-day operations of Global Block Builders. David has a long history of high engagement in social media on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and a newcomer to the social media world Steemit.com. For the past several years he has focused his professional and personal life in world travel and sharing his love of blockchain technologies. Global Block Builder is proud & excited to add David Christoper as the new Managing Director. He brings years of experience in social media and a passion for improve the lives of individuals lives through technology focused on blockchain. Global Block Builders is dedicated bringing on talented passionate individuals to the organization.

When asked about their upcoming Global Block Builders conference in Austin, TX, David had this to say…

“I’m very excited and honored to be part of a company that enables people and organizations from all over the world to connect through the events that I’ll be helping to create in the blockchain industry. Especially for the event in Austin, one of the most fun and tech-centered cities in the US. People who attend can expect to network and listen to some of the leading pioneers in the industry. People will be able to learn how to raise money, gain investors, and ,of course, increase their knowledge base on the industry itself.”

The Global Block Builders are hosting their debut blockchain conference this upcoming April 10-13th in Austin, Texas at the Coppertank Event Center. The Global Block Builders are a group of enthusiastic blockchain leaders from a diverse background, joining together for the purpose of high-level education and intentional collaboration.

Back in early 2018, the group initially started as the Steem Creators, holding conferences in a couple major cities for the Steem blockchain community. Since then, the blockchain industry at large saw what they were doing and wanted to get their hands involved as well. At that point, the Steem Creators decided to open their arms, inviting other blockchain communities to join in on the conferences.

The speaker lineup includes handpicked change agents in the technology arena. Members of the Steemit Inc. corporate team will be attending, along with the founding members of Global Block Builders among other well-known industry leaders. In attendance will be CEO’s and

Founders of successful online companies sharing their insights on relevant topics to the industry in 2019 and beyond.

Global Block Builders events are engaging, informative, and high-energy. The main goal of each conference is to ensure attendees walk away feeling well-educated and excited to take action once they arrive back home. Many attendees will exit the conference fostering healthy, collaborative relations with other blockchain community members.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States., February 23, 2019


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