Badger Maps provides Free Mapping Software for Disaster Relief after Hurricane Florence

Badger Maps, a mapping and route optimization app, has provided its solution for free to all first responders, insurance, and repair workers who are on the ground during the disaster in North Carolina and other affected regions. The app will help them work more efficiently and address various cases in a structured way.
Insurance companies, volunteer organizations, and recovery workers, among others, are doing their best to provide relief for all affected people in the disaster region and help them get back on their feet. For example, insurance adjusters need to visit thousands of homes in the area that have suffered from destruction. Repair and recovery workers have to go to houses and businesses to fix the damages.

Badger Maps is supporting the people who work hard to mitigate the damages and wants to make their lives a bit easier during those tough times. With the Badger app, first responders can map out the area with all the locations that need help and they need to go to. They can make notes about which location needs what and what they need to do next. Badger allows them to create and optimize routes between various locations so they can be where they need to be as fast as possible.

To help the disaster relief, Badger is offering the app for free until the end of the year to anyone who might need it during times of damage control and recovery in the affected region.

About Badger Maps:

Badger Maps is a San Francisco-based SaaS company that provides a mapping and routing solution for outside salespeople. Badger visualizes data, optimizes daily routes, and generates meeting reports - helping users drive 20% less and sell 25% more on average.

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States., September 20, 2018 

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