Sarsen Energy Becomes Sole Distributor of HKS Lazar Biomass Boilers For The UK Market

Sarsen Energy, a family run business established in 1998 is proud to announce it has become the sole importer of HKS Lazar wood pellet and wood burning boilers for the UK domestic market. "With the constant rise in prices of oil and fossil fuels and their detrimental effects on the ecosystem, many homeowners are sensibly looking for alternative ways of heating their homes, which are more budget-friendly and ecologically less harmful to our planet." HKS Lazar biomass boilers are a cost efficient way of heating homes using cleaner eco-friendly fuels.

Biomass energy, sometimes known as bio energy, is a renewable form of energy produced from organic matter and recycled waste, in this instance HKS Lazar boilers use wood pellets or logs to provide a carbon neutral, renewable form of energy, which is cheaper compared to fossil fuels as producing biomass energy does not involve heavy capital outlay.

Biomass boilers are fully automatic appliances, behaving more like an oil or gas boiler, and use advanced controls which cleverly regulate the amount of fuel and oxygen being delivered to the burner to match the heat demand on the boiler. The fuel is fed to the burner via an auger connected to the adjacent pellet store/hopper. This can, in turn, be automatically supplied from a bulk pellet store which can vary in size, depending on house size and demand.

"Advanced algorithms control the boiler operation, ensuring the highest efficiency (up to 104.4% with our condensing model) and an advanced weather regulator to control the entire heating system."

Sarsen Energy sells HKS Lazar biomass boilers to trade for easy installation and direct to home owners and is able to provide a list of accredited HKS installers in any area across the UK.

HKS Lazar UK is now looking to expand their footprint in the UK and is looking for MCS Installers and accredited Showrooms to join their family by becoming approved retailers and to help bring efficient, fairly priced, ecological biomass boilers to the UK Market.

Sarsen Energy has a large range of boilers available to the UK depending on the kW output required. These can be viewed on the website

The team at HKS Lazar UK says

“We are very proud to be the UK’s sole importer of HKS Lazar biomass boilers. HKS Lazar is one of the leading manufacturers of heating systems in Poland, being among the first to implement new and advanced technological heating systems.  Our company ethos has always been about our customers so we are very much on hand to help householders make the right decision on the right biomass boiler for their needs and can also help trade with installation advice and guidance. After installing a range of overpriced and uninspiring boilers that require extortionate service costs over the years we are so very happy with the products of HKS Lazar. Which are simple to install, service, run and maintain. They are also very simple to use, easy to regulate and will work in almost any situation. You will not be disappointed with a HKS Lazar Boiler. ”

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