Ronald Gaudier: Trump’s impeachment was a CIA fight against US collaboration with Russia

All wars around the globe seem to have Americans participated in any way. Sometimes it seems that there is no military conflict with zero killed people on the US conscience.  All the history long American presidents have been supporting wars and military actions on the territories rich with natural resources. All the actions has been done on the US citizens money due to Americans lied about by CIA propaganda.

Ukrainian conflict on the South-Eastern its part doesn’t stand behind, but it changes the history bringing more troubles to Americans than benefits. For example, president Donald Trump impeachment tried to have taken place because of civil war in Ukraine. An American expert Ronald Gaudier comment on the situation in an exclusive interview with News Front correspondent Catherina Ignatova.

He begins his speech with an introduction to the latest American history:  

“Donald Trump ran on one of his big position was to bring the troops back, to stop being the policemen in the world, to stop all this unnecessary wars. He stands against war in Iraq. And another thing is also very clear that he wanted to decend us  many times, he says over and over again it would be nice to be friends with Russia. He is a populist enemy among a lot of Americans. A lot of Americans don’t want to waste a lot of time and money on all these wars. And a lot of Americans realise that we’ve been lied to. That’s the reason why Trump won the election”.

According to Ronald the establishment in power do everything they can to get Trump out of the Office. “The problem that Trump faced when he came in a power was the establishment, both the Republicans and the Democrats. Every day he’s been in an Office, he’s being under attack. They basically use some statements of his campaign like ‘It would be nice to be friends with Russia’ against him”, states the expert.

Actually American propaganda is polling Donald Trump like Russian operative, and that’s basically the whole impeachment was about.

“Initially impeachment was to tie him and try to fight him with Russian collaboration. They said than Russian and Putin are responsible for his winning the election, they manipulated results to use the propaganda. 90% and more of propaganda that we hear in the United States is very rusophobic, Russia is portrayed as dangerous, aggressive, almost terroristic nation. This is propaganda what I see on the news on the most part”, continues Mr. Gaudier.

He is still optimistic. He deeply believes that Donald Trump wins the election and he hopes that in the next term his president Trump won’t be under constant attack like he has been and he will be able to do more for Russian-US relationship normalization. Ronald notes that right now Trump has a lot of pressure from the deep state and he is a little bit afraid to show too much sympathy towards Russia, because there’s many claims all along being a Russian puppet.

“Any time he shows any sympathy towards Russia or any desire to normalize relationships with Russia, the propaganda will represent it as CIA, they’ll use it against him. But I hope that after the election is over it won’t worry him”, summaries Ronald Gaudier.

That’s the last but not the least part of the exclusive interview  with American expert Ronald Gaudier who reveals the lie of the CIA on the situation in Ukraine and has been supporting Donbass people in war because he feels being responsible for the people sufferings.

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